Friday, 7 June 2013

Some WatiN Examples

Below are some examples of WatiN codes for testing:
// find div by id
var div = browser.Div("divId");

// find div by class
var div = browser.Div(Find.ByClass("divClass"));

// click a div

// click a button

// get <li></li> elements inside a div
var lisCollection= browser.Div("divId").ElementsWithTag("li");
// click the first <li></li>
// click the one contains a particular inner text
lisCollection.Where(li => li.Text.Contains("some text")).FirstOrDefault().Click();

// get <a></a> elements inside a div
var links = browser.Links.Filter(a => a.Parent.Parent.Parent.ClassName == "divClass");
var links = browser.Links.Filter(a => a.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Id == "divId");

// select from a select dropdown
browser.SelectList("selectId").Option("option text").Select();

// assert a div exists

// assert header(s) with a particular text exists
Assert.IsTrue(browser.ElementsWithTag("h1").Any(x => x.Text == "heading text"));

// assert only one header with a particular text exists
Assert.IsTrue(browser.ElementsWithTag("h3").Where(x => x.Text == "heading text").Count() == 1);

// assert a particular text exists inside a table td 
Assert.IsTrue(browser.Table("tableId").TableCells.Any(x => x.Text == "text inside td"));

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