Wednesday, 17 September 2014

ObservableCollection Example

ObservableCollection is a built in collection type that raises change notification if any element in the collection is changed or deleted or a new element is added to the collection. If we want to create a custom collection type that raises change, we need to use INotifyCollectionChanged.

Below is a simple example of using ObservableCollection:
private ObservableCollection<string> names = new ObservableCollection<string>() { "aaa", "bbb", "ccc" };

public MainWindow()
 listBox1.ItemsSource = names;

private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        names[0] = "ABC";
and on the view:
<ListBox x:Name="listBox1" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Height="100" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="100" />
<TextBox x:Name="textBox1" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Height="23"  TextWrapping="Wrap" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="120"/>
<Button Content="Add Name" HorizontalAlignment="Left"  VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="100" Click="Button_Click"/>            

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