Friday, 27 March 2015

How to Pull File from an Android App

The other day when I tested my Apache Cordova based app, I tried to get a file from my Android phone to test that the file was created correctly by the app. I wanted to copy the file to a location somewhere in my Windows based desktop. Below are the steps of how I do this:
- open a command prompt
- enter 'adb shell', you might need to run this inside a folder that has adb.exe if that is not accessible globally
- enter 'run-as'
- enter 'chmod 777    targeted_File_Path' in order to give full access to the file
So after entering these commands, the command prompt would look like this:
C:\Users\Me>adb shell
shell@zara:/ $ run-as
shell@zara:/data/data/ $ chmod 777 /data/data/
data/data/                   <
shell@zara:/data/data/ $ 
- quit the adb shell or open a new command prompt window
- enter 'adb pull    targeted_File_Path    destination_Desktop_Folder'
On command prompt, it will be something like:
C:\Users\Me>adb pull /data/data/ c:/DestinationDirectory
2097 KB/s (19335 bytes in 0.009s)


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