Monday, 14 December 2015

Bulk Insert in Web SQL

Below is a snippet of how to do bulk insert of records in Web SQL:
// db is the database object that is usually initialise with openDatabase() function
db.transaction(function (tx) {  
  // insert each record
  $.each(myArray, function (i, item) {
   tx.executeSql("INSERT INTO MyTable(name, value) VALUES (?, ?)", [, item.value]);
// error
function (error) {
 . . .
// success - the transaction() function does not pass any object to its success callback
function () {
 . . .

Web SQL does not understand the Standard SQL bulk insert syntax such as
Insert Into tbl (col1, col2) Values ('val1', 'val2'), ('val3', 'val4'), ...
but each insert statement needs to be executed using executeSql() function. A transaction is usually used to wrap these insert commands.

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