Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Node.js and Proxy Server Issue

Tried to build a new web project in Visual Studio 2017. However it was unsuccessful and I saw the required packages were missing. I tried to do ‘Restore Packages’ again many times but still not good.

Then I tried to check whether Node.js has been installed properly. Found out, nothing wrong with it. I suspected this is because of something wrong with the proxy setting as this happened in a corporate environment.

To see proxy server setting in Node.js, I ran:
npm config get proxy
Turned out that the password used is my old password that was used when I installed Visual Studio. So I updated the setting with:
Then I tested the connectivity to Node.js registry server with:
npm ping
The result displayed was:
Ping error: Error: self signed certificate in certificate chain
npm ERR! self signed certificate in certificate chain
The error indicates there is something wrong with SSL connection. When I checked the ‘strict-ssl’ and ‘registry’ values with ‘npm config list -l’ command, they were ‘true’ and ‘’. So I ran these commands to change the connection to use non secured connection:
npm config set strict-ssl false
npm config set registry
Tried ‘npm ping’ again and the result was ‘Ping success: {}’.

Now, I could restore the missing packages in Visual Studio.

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